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My System Specs


Company Name: Ultra Products
Product: Ultra X2 550w Modular Power Supply
Warranty Period: 3 year / Lifetime
Date purchased: 20/06/06
Date RMAed: 09\02\09
Where it was sent to: Naperville, IL USA
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: $14.70 FedEx International Ground
Wait time: 3 days. Sent the old unit down, with their RMA # , New unit was shipped at the same time to me.
Satisfaction: 10
Details: Noticed the fan wasn't working on the old unit while I was doing my regular cleaning (its scary to think an old X2 was venting passively). Called the Ultra Tech Support Number, got a very helpful lady on the phone who took in all my information.
The call length was longer than I'm used to (about 10min) because of the international part of the forms she had to fill out.
The great thing about this is, I got a Brand New X3 600w as its replacement. Which has now ousted my LSP750 from my main case.
So long as you registar your Ultra Product, they are great about warranty replacements.
Although I have had very few of their products fail, its the customer support I get that keeps me going back to them for all my needs.


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