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Thanks Charlie!

One other thing... i've been toying around with the though of getting myself a small 2.5 external HDD & enclsure (with eSata/usb interface). After quickly looking around google, many forums/users from different sites were saying it is not possible to boot from an external HDD enclosure via eSata.

I've just done a test, with my current external enclosure (larger one), via the eSata connection, and then went into bios, and under boot options, it did reckognize the drive. (it says "HDD: Drive name"), so my boot options were like:
HDD: Toshiba drive name
CD/DVD: something
FDD: (or somehting like that)
HDD: Myexternal HDD name
and then it said I can move them up and down the list to adjust my boot priority.

Anyone know if that's the case, than I should have no problems installing/setting up an external boot? (one step further is, I'd like to partition the external HDD so that it could accomodate for up to 3 or 4 different operating systems).


James G.
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