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My System Specs


I'll be running some experiments to see if of the following break FAH GPU:

Using all 4 cores with other BOINC / FAH CPU? - no problem
Move folding client back to HDD? - breaks FAH (I always EUE when I'm on the HDD)
Re-enable Aero?
Re-enable HP Printer drivers?
Re-enable sidebar (running All CPU Meter and RSS feed gadgets)? <Probably causing instability, got nonzero force sum>
Can a Systray be used? - haven't gotten a Systray to complete a WU yet

Other failures I'm seeing
Instant-falure NANs detected on GPU:
Saw this from a 4744 WU. I'm going to try running in admin mode with no Windows XP compatibility flag and see if the next 4744 will complete.
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