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Originally Posted by Maculosa View Post
I have 3 antec LED tricool fan at home, i would like to add them in my cooler master Storm Sniper case... (one in bottom and 2 on the side window) but i would like to have the ability to turn On / Off the led on the fan while keeping fan running.

So is there any way to mod those fan to be able to connect the led separately to the power of the fan.

There is 5 wire that come out the fan :

3 wires (black, red, yellow) that goes to the 3 speed switch.
2 wires (black and red) that go to the 4 pin molex connector.

Is it possible to do ?

Thanks for any help!
Not possible LEDs are soldered directly onto the fan.

Those wires have nothing to do with the LEDs.
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