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Default Cleaning Up / Formating HDD - Toshiba M300


Just got a Toshiba M300 Satellite.
Any one here have experience with this type?
(no install discs were provided.. so after starting up the computer, I've now made "recovering discs".)

The system will be okay for now.. but eventually, I'd like clean it up with out all the unessecary apps. (ie: all the stuff Toshiba has pre-installed in their windows)
Any thoughts how I go about re-installing Vista so that it doesn't have all the 'bloatware'?
I'm going to assume it's not as simple as just formatting the HDD, because I'd likely need some sort of 'drivers' for when I go to re-install?

Or is my best bet using a Retail Version of Windows (after a format of the HDD)?

I was looking at this thread... not sure if the same stuff would apply to my notebook:
Acer laptop noob, question(s)


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