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Originally Posted by Jim View Post
all the asus mobo's have vdroop ... I don't rely on V reported by cpu-z ... use asus probe instead. ok will do

Does it post at 380? but won't boot? If it won't post then memory is prolly stopping it. no post

You should run your mem at 1:1 with loose timings while trying to find the max cpu oc. Give the mem 2.1V. After you find cpu oc, then find your best memory speed & timings. not sure about that right now bios says ddr 700

Have you tried fsb's in betwen 336 in your post and 380? its at 350 all morning (sorry sounds noobish, cause it is)

Ususally best to work your way up to 380 in 10-20 increments, only bumping vc when needed. did in 10's every 30 or so had to ad vc to see desktop

Also, have you run any stress tests at 336? I like a 1m superpi and sandra bandwidth followed by orthos. Its best to establish the lowest VC that it will pass those tests at 336 before moving higher. Too much VC can sometimes hurt an OC depending on your chip.haven't done any of that , guess I better hu ? whys 336 important ?

btw is vcore to high as in damaging something ?

forget my ref's to 336 ... i looked at your cpuz shot too quick and the wrong number stuck in my head ! ... either that or it changed when you edited the post.

Your post now shows mem running 1:1 (it was 4:5 before your edit) - cpuz is the easiest way to confirm your bios settings on memory.

sustained high vcore for long periods will shorten the life of your cpu. I try to stay below 1.425 with my c2d/q's but i recall reading that the 4300's need a fair bit of vc.

I wouldn't worry too much about 1.45 for limited tests but your target should be to find the sweet spot where you get a decent oc without having to bump vc much. So start with low VC and work your way up including the stability tests. I have a dog of a e6600 that needs 1.425v to fold stable at 325x9 but the others get close to 400x9 on less than 1.4V

IMO there is no point in having a high oc that isn't stable for what the rig is intended for. If you only game, and the games never freeze or error then it is stable enuf. But I fold on my rigs so they need to be 100% stable with NO errors or the oc is useless to me. My final stability test is smp folding and it is not unusual for me to reduce the oc by 5-10 fsb that passed other stability tests just to get it error free when folding.
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