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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
You can probably find a bandwidth/transfer speed comparison of the two by a simple Google search. But, these SATA drives have actually been around for quite some time. I would highly suggest switching to one for better airflow, performance, and looks i.e. less clutter.

Just looked it up...IDE has transfer speeds of up to 1Gbps (gigaBIT), while SATA can have up to 5 Gbps (again, gigaBIT, not BYTE). An IDE drive with today's speeds is not possible. SATA is the way to go.

While I agree with the less clutter and better airflow, I was wondering about the part about today's speeds. From what I can tell a 20x DVD drive has a data rate of 211 Mbps (please someone correct me if I'm wrong found info on wikipedia) which is far below the 1Gbps of the IDE transfer speed.

So really for today's drives an IDE should give the same speed as a equivalent speed SATA drive. Now if there were 100x drives then I might say SATA would be better because of the speed.
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