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My System Specs


I agree with 3.0charlie,

Once you start to get into higher end blocks and fittings, water-cooling really pulls away "performance wise" from aircooling, plus with a bit planning a loop can be less intrusive or ugly than a huge air cooler-but I guess that depends on whos looking at it.

Fluid-wise although some may not like green, the hydrx is great stuff. Had a leak yesterday, due to a careless error. It was easy enough to clean off the board without wrecking it (was turned off though). Plus if you forget to drain the loop when posting your system long-distance in freezing weather the hydrx helps to prevent any burst pipes or leaks.

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
A cheap wc loop is not worth it, since most systems are surpassed by high-end air rigs. If you wish to build a loop for the CPU and eventually the GPU, this is what you need. Be prepare to cough up ~400$.

Pump: Swiftech MCP-350 (or MCP-355)
Res: Swiftech Micro-res
CPU block: Swiftech Apogee GT, or GTZ.
GPU block: Danger Den Tieton full coverage block
Rad: Swiftech MCR-220
Fans: Scythe SFF-21F, 2x
Tubing: Primochill 10', 3/8" ID.
Liquid: Primochill, or Swiftech's Hydrx
Swiftech Radbox.
Metal barbs: 3/8", 10x.
White Night:: i7920 (4ghz), Rampage III extreme (A1), Mushkin XP 1600 (9,9,9,24),SLI480., white MM horizon.
CPU: Feser 220 int.|Apogee GTZ|S.Res.rev2| MCP655.

GPU: PA120.3|S.Res.rev2|2x EK FC blocks| MCP655.
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