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Company Name: Buffalo
Product: FSX800D2C-K2G
Warranty Period: lifetime
Date purchased: Apr,17/07
Date RMAed: Ram recieved at buffalo tech Feb 5/09
Where it was sent to: Austin Texas
Ease of RMA: 4
Any extra fees?: $14.95
Wait time: 20 days from time buffalo received.
Details: Buffalo says 3day turn around but it's been 11days and no word or info, finally decided to call buffalotech twice today and nobody seems to know anything about the ram or were it might be, also there are lots of departments to be transfered to that go to voice mail. I'm not to happy about buffalo tech right now.

Tuesday, I hear nothing from the voice mail ppl, so I phone buffalo tech again. This time I get a helpful person on the line that digs around and can't find any trace of the ram so he asks for the tracking # that confirms it was received but possibly misplaced and no shipping product has been started to be sent as a replacement. So the tek rep gets the ball moving and ram should be sent out soon.
Good thing for tracking numbers.

I've had rma with OCZ and it's always been quick. I sent a 600w stealth psu in and got a GXS850w as a replacement, a 512MB SD card turned into a 1GB SD after rma, way to go OCZ.

Feb 23, spoke with buffalo tech again, 2 ppl have no idea were it is or what to do about it, I get passed on to a supervisor type that could care less and figures I should wait indefinatly who passes me on to a voice mail again. What's becoming frusterating is the FU attitude from buffalo tech.

Feb 26/09. All good now a rep took the time to straighten it out, he upgraded the ram to a 1066 set and got the shipping motivated, I had it in 2 days after he got involved.
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