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My System Specs


Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
for under $300 can get good starter kit

Swiftech H20-220 Compact CPU Water Cooling Kit DC its for $165 but no stock

Water Block Cooled GTX 280 & 260 Video Card

read all the manuals, don't be afraid to ask questions

note: don't use the supplied hydrx coolant use prestone pet safe anti-freeze in the white jug from any canadain tire store with distilled water, mix 10%
reason less toxic then the EG thats supplied with kit
That kit doesn't have the greatest CPU block nor is the pump overly great and well hard to replace if it dies.

Also that GTX block you linked, is only a passive heatsink for the memory and what not. You still need the Swiftech MCW60 block for the GPU itself.

People still use antifreeze? I though that was a thing of the past...
Most people run PT_Nuke + Distilled or Feser One Pre-Mixed Fluid (or other pre-mixed ones).
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