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My System Specs


Originally Posted by micul View Post
Ok guys last things.
I changed my mind regarding the pump.I will go with either MCP350 or MCP355 with custom tops,And i changed my cpu water block with Koolance CPU-340 CPU.Now regarding the pumps:
- I saw on some other forums that MCP355 it is loud
.Now i have in may case 6x120 mm case fans running at 1200rpm.I don't think that this pump it's louder than aprox 2 of my fans right?
- The MCP350 it is more noiseless but with a custom top can handle 1xMCP220,1xMCR120 and 2 water blocks.
One more thing about MCP355 : it is a little beat cheaper than MCP350.
Koolance CPU-340 i like the look of this water block and i read 1 review and performance it is very good.
Uh why Koolance? I haven't heard any good about them...
I'd stick with the Swiftech Apogee GTZ or D-TEK FuZion v2. Also the Enzotech blocks aren't too bad and look amazing IMO.

And the MCP355 will be inaudible in your case IMO. With that many fans, I doubt you'd hear the pump. But like I said, your loop needs to be FULLY bleed. There cannot be any air left otherwise the pump will be noisy. It'll take time to achieve this but it'll happen eventually.
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