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I have never tried it with similar nvidia chipset mobo's.

With intel chipsets you can sometimes, but not always get away without installing.
Assuming WXP will boot, it will try to rediscover/reinstall devices. If it does, run the nvidia chipset installer for the new mobo after wxp is up.

For the amount of time it takes to try it I would check to see if it works before reinstalling. Nothing to lose since a re-install can always be done if you are not happy with it.

Certainly it is cleaner to do a quick format on a re-install tho.

On my folding only rigs, the cleanliness of the install is not too important since i have virtually no other software apps on the rigs other than some overclocking apps. And folding only has 1 registry entry.

But if you have installed a lot of software that you no longer use/need, then a fresh install isn't a bad idea.

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