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Originally Posted by JayDee View Post
Ya I read that somewhere else while doing my research on the dell. There is no 22" Ultrasharp (at least not now) version. The 20" is too small and the 27" is out of my price range. They no longer list the 24" dell on the site so they might have discontinued it or are doing a model change.
There never will be a 22" Ultrasharp ... All the Ultrasharps use MVA-,PVA-, or IPS-type panels. Unfortunately, none of these panels come in a 22" variety and it's very unlikely that they ever will.

The 24" version recently changed models. Mars posted a link to it. It's about $400 more, but you get a much higher quality panel, 2 more inches, a higher resolution, and many other features.

The good thing about getting a Dell is that you can return or exchange it if you're not satisfied with basically no penalty.
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