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To answer 3 of 7, the board should be under warranty, but I don't believe it is actually faulty per se.

For Eagle Eye - I went into the BIOS, but the BIOS, unless I'm missing something which is quite possible, only reports the actual SATA devices, and not the IDE devices. The only SATA device is an LG DVD burner, but I do have that set as IDE.

In Vista, I have gone to the IDE ATA/ATPI controllers tab. I'm assuming the primary channel should be channel 0 - there are two entries for it, and I have gone to the advanced settings for each, but no device is shown. There are also two entries for channel 1, one of them contains his AOPEN IDE DVD burner.

Now, I think I saw a reference somewhere in Device Manager to the hard drive in question, but it was listed as SCSI which doesn't make any sense to me. I'll play with that to see if I have any progress - if I do, I'll let you know... otherwise I'm stuck.

As for the patience - I'm the one who got my dad spending money on upgrading his computer, so I dang well better get it working right! Thank you for the patience on your end however!

Edit: This is the hard drive in question: Seagate Technology - Barracuda 7200.10 Ultra ATA/100 250-GB Hard Drive
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