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Default web creation software

I'm thinking of creating a website for the company where I work. I'm trying to choose what software to work with.

- Simple site with 5 or 6 pages.
- Simple flash on the front-page to make it look exciting
- easy to update and expand photo-gallery

I don't want a cheesy "you've never made a website before" program. I've made websites in the past, I used to make websites when the internet was brand new, used to be a BBS guy. I've since used some blog tools (, but that's not the direction I want to go with this site. It will be mostly static for advertising to new customers.

- I do know basic HTML and can make sense of most scripting, etc.
- I'm not so good with flash or web2.0 stuff
- I like to be able to see and edit the code, sometimes its the only way to get things how you want them.
- I don't like programs that are all wysiwyg that make a huge mess of the code. I like to be able to just click and type, drag and drop, but the code has to make sense and be clean afterwards.
- built in image editing, ftp, css, all that junk doesn't mean much to me, I can handle that stuff in other programs.

Basically I've been out of the loop for some time, looking for opinions from people that are doing this kind of thing. I used to use coffeecup html editor, wondering if thats still a reasonable option. I never really got the hang of dreamweaver, and I have trouble feelin' the adobe vibe.

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