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My System Specs


Voltages are fine the 12v rail based on the values you given me its still within tolerance, athough I'd would have had like to seen slightly better. Provided the system is never overclocked and you stay away from videocards with high power requirements you should be just fine or you'll need a new powersupply.

I am most impressed by your willingness to troubleshoot maplicito most would have given up quite sometime ago, and your patients is most appreciated.

That being said with the suspect drive attached to your fathers computer enter the bios and under the main menu enter or IDE/Sata section check the bios settings for the drive.

What you should see:

Type: Auto
LBA/Large Mode: Auto
Block (Multi-Sector Transfer): Auto
PIO Mode: Auto
DMA Mode: UDMA 5
32 bit Data Transfer: Enabled

Ensure any sata devices attached to the system are configured to operate as an IDE device.

Save and quit.

Now in the device manager of vista open the IDE ATA/ATPI controllers tab
rightclick primary IDE Channel>>>Properties>>>Advanced Settings
Ensure that the transfer mode is "DMA if available" and the Current Transfer Mode is Ultra DMA Mode 5. Check any further channels available and ensure that they are operating with DMA access, if its a CD/DVD typically they will operate in UDMA 2 if I am not mistaken.

I have a copy of the manual for the drive with me so I can easily navigate the board with you.

Let me know how this works out for you. If its something you've already covered just ignore the post.


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