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Originally Posted by micul View Post
I found the MCP355 at Direct Canada for 79$ plus the custom top around 30$.The only thing what i'm worried about MCP350 and MCP355 the reliability.The MCP355 a lot of people are saying that it is noise.
The MCP655 I saw some videos and on full speed it is very noise.
The Danger Den DDCPX-PRO i don't now if will handle a cpu-gpu loop.
The MCP350 and 355 used to have reliability problems, but that was an older version of them. The current ones are just fine. The CPX-PRO is actually a little more powerful than the MCP350 (but not the 355), so you don't have to worry about power with it. For noise, even if the pump doesn't make noise, it can vibrate your case and become very noisy. The important thing is to put some soft foam or gel underneath the pump - this goes for any of the pumps.
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