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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CactusJoe View Post
What I want : my 9800GT is strong enought for me now. But I'd like to futureproof my rig a little more with a sli or crossfire mobo and a faster processor. Im tired of waiting times when loading small programs like firefox, word or even msn. I'd really like my computer to start alot faster/run applications faster... Well I bet you got the point! A big leap in speed would be nice!
CPU isn't going to do a ton to make things load faster. That's mainly dependant on the hard drive. Might want to consider a Western Digital 640GB drive (Blue or Black).

SLI/Crossfire isn't really all it's marketed as being. When the time comes, you'd be better off getting a single, faster card rather than SLI'ing 9800GTs.

And if you really want to upgrade your CPU, I'd personally go with a Q9x50 CPU as they are 45nm and have 12MB L2 cache. However they are pretty expensive and the cheapest (Q9450) doesn't get massive overclocks, but 3.2-3.4GHz should be easily done.

The Q9x00s only have 6MB L2 cache but still 45nm, and the Q8x00s only have 4MB L2. A Q8200 is slightly faster than a Q6600 at stock though and cooler running. Though the Q8200 doesn't clock as well as the Q6600.
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