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Default Dual or Quad?

Hey guys!

I've been lucky in the last month and the business was really good. So I have a few extra pounds that I would like to spend on an upgrade for my actual rig.

Budget : I don't really know for now, lets see what you guys will show me! :)
(+ money from the old parts that I will sell)

Actual rig :
Antec 300
750W corsair psu
EP45-DS3L GigaB mobo
Intel e5200 @ 3.33ghz - Wasnt even able to get it to 3.5 :(
Xigmatek heatsink
4gb 2x2 corsair @ 1066mhz
Xfx 9800GT

What I want : my 9800GT is strong enought for me now. But I'd like to futureproof my rig a little more with a sli or crossfire mobo and a faster processor. Im tired of waiting times when loading small programs like firefox, word or even msn. I'd really like my computer to start alot faster/run applications faster... Well I bet you got the point! A big leap in speed would be nice!

I was thinking about buying a quad since i7 is really out of price right now.

But yet, will a quad even increase my cpu's power this much ?

Im not experienced at all in the newer cpu parts so.. what do you think?
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