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Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
Yeah and those PVC shoes were probably made by little kids in China or from materials obtained/prepared by little kids in China....
oh for sure, she drives me NUTS. There are a lot like her here on VI, its trendy to be a tree hugger, but most just spout off stuff without looking into it at all.

Hybrids: who makes the batteries? are they made in a way that doesnt pollute? does the disposal of them in 10 years pollute? and dont even get me started on the premium that cars like the prius and even the smart car hold over normal cars and the amount of gas that can buy...

"wasting" electricity: here in BC we are Hydro powered, no difference in pollution whether you run full bore or bare minimum. BC Hydro is the worst for pushing this "power smart" crap on us. The truth of the matter is the produce the same amount of power whether we use it or not, the difference is all the surplus they get from getting us to "conserve" gets sold to the US. Nice, tell us we are destroying the earth unless we turn off the light, then turn around and sell what I saved to LA, thanks jerks.

I could go on and on, and I may, but my daughter just crapped her pants.
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