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I've had my Aspire One (120gb HDD, 1gb RAM, 6 Cell) for about 6 months now, and I LOVE it!!!

I use it for all my music (makes it easy to update the iPod when I travel), some movies, again for travel, and pictures. I can't say enough about this's awesome.

I also use it for e-books, I haven't bought a paper book in months now, I have them all on there and read with it regularly. The computer is it's own night light!! LOL

I do agree with the small shift key though, that's the ONE negative I can think of...

It gets great wifi range, and the battery life is exceptional...upwards of 6 hours with the wifi off. Perfect for long flights or sitting around airports!

As for the touch pad, it doesn't matter to me, I got the Logitech VX Nano with it, and I love the fact that I can keep the USB dongle plugged in even when it goes in the pouch. Besides, my hands are too big for the touch pad...

+1 for loving this thing...

Oh, and 6 months ago, I paid $385 at Mike's Computers in Abbotsford BC...great guys and AMAZING prices. If you're in the Fraser Valley, I recommend seeing them if you need anything. And no, I don't work there or anything, I live in Toronto, but when I'm out there it's where I go...
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