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Originally Posted by D4ng3r View Post
Yeah thats a bit different then. I thought you were looking for a permanent solution to cool the computer, in which case I don't care where you live, its irresponsible.
still disagree, running fresh water down the drain isn't nearly as bad as people seem to think it is. The drain is not a black hole that removes the water from the space-time continuum, eventually it returns to the water table unless it is used in a consumptive manner (and even then it usually finds it's way back into the cycle).

I realize that you are trying to point out that some areas of the world are without potable water, and that is true, but unless everyone starts bottling water and mailing it over (which would actually remove it from our water cycle/system, eventually turning us into the ones without water) I really don't see how that arguement has much weight.

Regardless, just a fun weekend thing, not permanent.
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