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Default New business laptops with XP

Originally Posted by mklym View Post
Are you looking at buying new or used. New laptops with XP are getting rare.

As for the number pad is concerned, you are looking at a laptop with a 17" display. I do not recall any units with smaller screens that have a dedicated number pad. Targus makes a USB number pad. It can be used with any computer.
This is for Ghlin, and to respond to mklym:

disclaimer: I work for a Canadian computer company called No Panic Computing ( that sells business laptops.

All of our laptops come standard with XP Professional (no need to worry about downgrading, etc.). mklym is right that you'd need a 17" display to have the number pad, which we currently do not carry, but we can sell one of the USB number pads that mklym mentioned which can easily be carried with you in your laptop bag.

Ghlin, do you have any other criteria that are important to you (or whoever this is written on behalf of) in this purchase? (ie. budget, tech-support, security, etc?)

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