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Farcry 2 was TERRIBLE, it looks fantastic but the gameplay was completely retarded. Don't even get me started on the storyline. Plus the whole "Choose a faction and fight for them" was bullocks! You run out of quests with one faction and voila! You can just go do quests for the other.... Plus every damn quest was identical, and you also no matter what you did everything on the map would attack you always, even if you had done quests for them. It was an disgusting terrible game.. Fallout 3 was amazing, esp if you were a big fallout fan from back in the day and knew better than to follow the storyline right from the start. I played that game about 10 different ways and had a totally different experience each time. Which is NOT something Farcry 2 could ever offer, and no, it will NOT even come close to being one of the best games of 2008. In fact it has continually made the top 3 list of worst games of 2008 in most magazines and online.
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