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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
If you're worried about the pressure busting up your loop you could always have the tap flowing into a container then use a regular pump to push the water through the loop. If you actually try it: Insulate, insulate, insulate and know what you're doing; condensation will destroy your CPU if you're not careful.
I did something like that when I was cleaning my loop. Had the tap flow into a Pepsi 2L bottle and I drilled a hole in the bottom the size of my tubing and shoved it in. Suffice to say, the pump (MCP355) drained that 2L bottle faster than my tap could run...

However I have really shyt water pressure. Damn city! I know it's the city's fault though cause when they were cleaning all the sewers/pipes, we had our water coming in through our outside tap via a fire hydrant and man did we have some awesome water pressure.
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