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Originally Posted by D4ng3r View Post
This sounds interesting, but irresponsible and wasteful..

Go tell the hundreds of people that die every day from lack of clean water what you are doing with it here in canada...
jeez debbie downer, if I ran some benchmarks with a 10psi pressure reducer we are talking about a few liters tops...

And before you say "think of what a few liters of water could do for little malawi?!?" please remember 2 things, one, as if you havent spent an extra couple minites in the shower from time to time, and 2 clean water poured down the drain is not "wasted", it goes down the drain, into the ocean, evaporates and then falls back down on my head tommorow as rain. I live on Vancouver Island, it rains 8 months a year, I am not going to apologise for living in a place where fresh water falls from the sky

I am not advocating this as a "run all day folding rig" solution, just a "wonder what temps you can get" curiosity type thing.

rant over, I may take the leap on the i7/5 series later this year, so this rig will get this idea tried out on it then.
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