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Originally Posted by Gav View Post
I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can run the GPU & SMP client at the same time on one machine and if so how do you set it up correctly?

I only have the GPU folding at this time and would like to put the CPU to work as well.
Is this the 820 you mentioned in another post? If so here was a previous reply

Don't run the smp client with the gpu client, even on a quad. On a DC like the 820, run a standard client with the gpu.

All you need to do to run them together is make sure they are each in their own directory, and configure the second one with machineid=2 under the advanced settings. The gpu should be running already with the machineid defaulted to 1.

Each instance on a rig needs to have a unique machineid so that the stanford assignment and work servers can distinguish between them.
The range on the 5.02/5.04 clients was from 1-8. On the gpu client it was increased to 1-16.

The other post i linked suggested that ppd would prolly be similar running just 1 smp client and no gpu, or 1 gpu client + 1 standard client.

1 consideration i didn't mention there was that the gpu beta client and standard client are more stable than the win smp beta client.

Personally tho, i would favour just running 1 smp client (and no gpu client) if the 820 is oc'ed much for lower power and heat.
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