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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
To a certain extent I agree with you but you are comparing something that you can buy and have serviced locally to a product that has to be shipped across the country (for most people) for an RMA. If I had the choice, I know which one I would pick...

As for the 500W statement, it looks like FS copied many of the specs from the FX6800-01e spec cheet over on since the FX6800-03H is not even up on Gateway's site. So, I would think it would ship with a 650W+ PSU.

If I buy a Dell or even Gateway product, I know I can pick up the phone, call a 1-800 number and have my issues dealt with in a timely manner. And before you say that Dell or Gateway farms out their Canadian Tech Support, I'll be quick with the "bollocks" statement since they all have Canadian-based tech support if customers would look at their bills.

Personally, if I was thinking of buying a pre-built box I would stick with the large vendors liek the aforementioned Dell, Gateway or HP.

You only get service through FS for the first 14 days isn't it (something tells me it is 90 on new PC's but I could be wrong?) Otherwise you are paying for an incredibly over priced PSP.
After that you have 1 Year with Gateway. In which case you are still stuck footing the bill.
With most smaller retailers like NCIX - typically within the first 30 days. If something goes wrong they are willing to cover shipping back, unless it was a gross error on your part.
Also - with FS your are GUARANTEED to have to wait forever to get a system back, and I trust their techs about as far as I can throw them. While you do have to ship to NCIX, their turn around time is generally quick so you will be waiting about the same time if not less.

And lets not forget - 2 Years down the road, you video card gives up. Gateway - Sorry OEM, might as well toss it. NCIX or another etailers. Send it back to the Manufacturer (hopefully not Sapphire) and have a new card back in less than a month. All your parts carry their individual warranties still.

I just cannot, honestly, see or suggest ANY benefit to purchasing big box for a desktop PC. The pro's of purchasing elsewhere outweigh the minuet cons and inconveniences

Notebooks on the other hand are another story, and are also the only product I would suggest purchasing a PSP for.