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Default Partition Recovery?


Recently I have lost access to a secondary HDD in my system. (was working fine for a while, then started getting buggy when trying to access files, then eventually complete loss of drive). I was able to get the drive visable again in Windows (Vista), but the drive was now unaccessable. The Drive was for data/files only, and was never used for OS/Bootup.

I ran SpinRite, and the disk checks out perfectly (no errors).

I installed the HDD into a different system (One with XP), and tried accessing it windows xp sees the HDD, but will not access it. (Get an "Disc is not accessable or corrupt" error)

I tried downloading Active Partition Recovery demo, and it appears it can see all the folders on the HDD.

My question: Should I purchase Active Partition Recovery software... and get the files back that way? Or is there a different way?
Secondly, if the APR software is able to see my files, do you think it will recover them? Or is it possible it can see them in the demo, but not necessarily be able to recover them.

Here are the screen shots:
Firstly.. how Windows viewed the drive, but would not access it:
How APR views the drive:

Also, does the fact that I have multiple boots happening on a primary HDD, as well as an external e-sata HDD have any play in originally messing up this HDD?
(ie: primary hdd has Vista64 and WinXP, and e-sata one has Vista32)


James G.
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