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Default Question about initial 1333 FSB support and inital Windows install with evga 680i

Ok so it is almost upgrade time, less than a week or so and the EVGA 680i and the Intel E6750 will be here. But I have some worries about this. First of all only the P29 and P30 bios support the newer 1333 fsb cpus. And from reading on the evga message boards I think the boards are now shipping with the P26 or P28. Either way, assuming it doesn't ship with the P29, will I be able to boot and update the bios with the E6750 installed? Or will I have to put in my old P4 just to do the update. I figure the board will just push it down to 1066 MHz until the BIOS update but I want to make sure.

Also, I'm not upgrading my HDD right now as I just don't feel the need. Sure it will happen in the near future but not at this point. I've heard mixed responses about the question I have. Will I have to do a fresh install of Windows since I'm changing the motherboard? Right now I'm running some generic Asus board that is apparently called an Altair but I've never heard of it. It does have a 775 socket so I guess it isnt that old. Anyway I'm just wondering if I will have to do a fresh install right away as soon as I boot up. Or will it boot into Windows fine? I guess it probably all depends on the hardware.

All responses are appreciated, thanks!
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