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AVG 7 was very good. AVG 8 is a pig. I run it on a laptop and while it CAN be customized to run using low resources its still a pig in comparison...and it gives WAY to many false positives. Either nod 32 (great heuristics w/ low foot print) or Kaspersky (bigger foot print, arguably better protection) is the way to go. THOUGH, an anti-virus only program is becoming less and less useful. As most virogens are making their money on malware. This is why I dropped from 2 AVs to 1 BUT doubled up on my anti-malware. Malwarebytes is extremely low foot print and SAS is almost as good that way. Together they are an amazing one two punch to have active on your system. (To get SAS pro w/ lifetime uprgades, DL the trial version and uninstall it. IT will usually open a page with a "one day only" offer of 19.99 US for it).
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