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Originally Posted by Eagle Eye View Post
heheh, I tried and failed miserably lol ORB - Compare

I'd actually like to compare 2x4870 on my setup. You think it would be about the same?

They should do better
(sidenote my 4870's have 512Meg ram not 1Gig version)
The Core2's do four instruction's per cycle vs K10's three, plus they larger caches(compare CPU scores)
I'm curious what my 4870's what do on an Intel setup also .

I have a Q6600 B3(@2.8GHz) but it's on a P5K-VM board, I built it as a cruncher
Even though it's watercooled, I'd be worried about the board going up in smoke if I tried to push it.
I've thought of buying a Intel Crossfire board but I couldn't justify the cost because it would rarely get used except to bench
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