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Originally Posted by Eagle Eye View Post
Impressive frank is that Phenom II under water?

My system stock clocked GTX280, if overclocked would easily break 20K with better cooling and EVGA voltune.

I'll be knocking on your door of your 3x4870 with just a single GPU soon enough.

ORB - Compare

I call it the Water Dragon
CPU,NB and regs. are water cooled

As to knocking on my door, the only way a single 280 could catch me if you ratchet that Q9550 over 4.75 GHz.

For me to get down to 20k I had to remove one card and slow down my rig
PhII @ 3.536GHz dual 4870's

While I was playing around I set a new personal best
ORB - Compare
PhII940 @ 3.922 Ghz triple 4870's
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