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Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
I assume your using stock cooling? That could very well become your limit factor, heat.

Get CoreTemp
It will give you the temps for each core. 60C is normally used as the maximum value while running the CPU under 100% using Orthos or dual Prime95 etc.

If your temps seem fine, then you can try increasing the voltage a bit on the CPU (vCore).

BTW, is your memory DDR2-800 or only DDR2-667?

EDIT: It appears you have the Intel SpeedStep/Enhance C1E stuff enabled. That is reducing your multiplier down to x6 as there's no load. You probably want to go into the BIOS and disable that if your going to OC.
ram is pc 6400 , yea factory air , running bf2 at max get these kinda temp rooms hot to
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