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My System Specs


For some reason, ALC 850 and P5N32 SLI SE deluxe won't play nice on my system. At work today, I ripped out a SB live 5.1 out of a computer that was in the recycling cage. I plugged it in, installed the basic drivers from Creative and whamo!!! I have sound. I never thought it would be so sweet to hear that annoying xp startup sound. With a little configuration, I'll be O.K until my Audigy shows up.
btw, i ran memtest the last few days, as well as a burnin' of my cpu and bandwidths. Minimum 6 hrs a shot at 115% with sandra. Do you think it is safe to overclock yet?

tagan 900w
P5N32 SLI SE deluxe (almost got discouraged)
P4 650
2x512 ocz xtc 6400 (for now)
1x bfg 7600 gtoc (for now)
recycled sb live 5.1
2x 80g seagate raid 0 (waiting for murphy's law to take effect)

total cost...$840.00 CAD, grubby taxman hands included!

Thank you all for your help. Nice forum eh! mmuussst ovvvercloccck nowwww!
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