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Default Open GL bug ingame

2 problems


this just happens when i am in-game for example wow and cs. The deskop, windows etc, works fine. This is just when i try to play a game the screen do this.

2: Driver problem

After this unusually problem, i tried to reinstall the driver for the video card. I have a geforce 6600gt.
After i reinstalled and restarted the comp, the windows suddenly went to a different form. The theme went to windows 2000 and it was only 4 bit. I tried to change the resolution etc.. but it didnt worked.
So i checked which driver the video card used, and it was a very old one. it was like a 6.1xxx.. the one i had before i reinstalled was 8.8xx..

So when i was already in the device manager, i clicked the "roll back driver".
The comp restarted, and the windows etc works fine now. But its not the newest driver. The driver it went back to was a 7.8xxx.

Also, when i try to install the newest one. The windows get ****** up and i have to click the "roll back driver".

The comp works fine, its just that i can't install the newest driver and when i launch any games the screen shows a bad quality, unclear etc.

So please heeeelp !
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