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Everytime I go to place a order somewhere everyone has the same idea on what to get hence out of stock at a good price. So once being in New Zealand sux due to limited amount of stores you can get it from and limited price competition unlike in America you guys have it made i hope I didn't offend you.

Anyhow I may be going with this SilverStone ST50EF-Plus High-Efficiency Power Supply as I can't get the SILVERSTONE ELEMENT ST50EF ATX12V 500W POWER cause it is out of stock at the awesome price I wanted. It's $40 more dearer than the ST50EF which means I won't be able to afford the 9800gtx+ until much much later which is unfortunate, are there no brands you guys recommend that are 500w and cheaper than silverstone, I know I hear silverstone is great but is there other recommendations cheaper in price. I know you aint supposted to save $$$ when it comes to choosing PSU's as they are the fuel of the PC.

Thanks again
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