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Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
Some ideas on power consumption for each of the cards is included in the excel spreadsheets I linked to above. At the bottom there is a "PPD$" tab which shows the wattage for all the cards while folding. Ie. the 8800GT 512mb card uses 78 watts while folding, according to the cart. It does not include idle watts but its a start.
Thanks for the info, I kind of came up with the same conclusion the hard way, I looked up some old reviews of 8800gt's and the system idle power was around 125 watts, and under full load around 220, close numbers, I can't remember what the system was, but all I wanted to know was how much more power the card used while folding, and it does not seem like much, maybe as much as a 60 watt light bulb? Thanks again for the info, back to folding... wait, it still is...
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