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My System Specs


I use ReadyBoost on my laptop (running ~3.5 GB RAM on Vista 32 bit). The Readyboost runs off a Sandisk Extreme III 2 GB SD card, but I only use 512MB of it for Readyboost because I find that system startup time is DRASTICALLY affected as the HDD thrashes to fill up the readyboost.sfcache file on the card. I notice that it reduces startup time for programs that work with lots of small files (Eclipse, Visual Studio). My laptop has a decently speedy mobile CPU (T7500) but its hard drive is an older 160GB 5400RPM drive.

I haven't experimented extensively on my desktop, but from what I've witnessed so far, 4 GB of ReadyBoost cache does nothing to it. Moving my page file and user documents over to a separate hard drive made a much bigger improvement than the Readyboost did.

Before you go ReadyBoost crazy, remember than it only supports up to 4 GB of flash cache. For example, my 8GB USB stick can only dedicate 4GB to ReadyBoost. You may also want to try a smaller (<1GB) ReadyBoost and see if that has the same effect.
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