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My System Specs

Default ram on gigabyte x58 ds4

the board says it is rated to run 1066/1333/ and 2100+ but i can only get the board to boot if i stay close to 1066 or 1333. i tried 1280 and it crashed

cpu i7 920
board x58 ds4
ram aeneon ddr3 1600

I mean i am know testing bclk 170

Question is will my board only run ram at 1066/1333/ and 2100+ because evan when i set it at stock bclk of 133 and set the ram muilt so ram is at 1600 it won't boot at all.
Can' seem to find an answer on there website any ds4 users help would be great

p.s am not sure if i should go with a p6t or the evga they both seem to run ram at 1600 and great overclockes. new only to i7 overclocking.
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