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Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
have a look @ Dano2k0 internal
Yeah I've seen that. It's awesome but way too costly to do IMO.
Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
The Lian Li XB-01 isn't ugly.

But I can tell you from experience it isn't an easy going watercooling the xbox. I tried doing mine this past summer. You will either have to run a 2nd power supply or solder on to the xbox board in order to grab power for the pump. I gave up at this point. You are going to need a very small pump in order to get it to fit and bleeding is going to not entirely pleasant I may add.
After thinking it over, bleeding would be a huge issue. I think a MCP355 could fit internally, the radiator would be external. I wish they made dual 60mm rads but seems like I'd have to go with a dual 80mm. However the fillport would literally be like 1" if that so it'd be a major PITA to fill and bleed.

The case isn't ugly per-say but it just isn't designed well. None of the ports actually have cut-outs for each thing, just a gaping hole. They could of made separate cutouts the correct size for everything. And well its like $150 USD so it'd be just as much as all the water cooling gear.

After looking at the costs, namely all the 90s and stuff I'd need which add up significantly, it's a bit too much right now. I think I'll just do some simple mods for now like bolt-mounting the heatsinks, using MX-2 paste instead, and getting some RAMsinks.
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