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My System Specs


it could be my media because im just using cheapo riteks, but this problem started about half way through a spindle that was working perfectly for the last 10 or so discs i have burned. i doubt media had anything to do with the last few burners i have gone through because they literally died on me (as in, tray not opening, blinking light on the front, not recognised by the os or bios any more etc). it also happens when i copy or access files on discs i have already well as retail dvd movies. it seems that if my pc is accessing the dvd drive in any way it starts to hitch up and choke my pc. dma is on by the way.

thanks for the tips so far, hopefully i wont have to go to a spiritual adviser to clear this up

AKG - this burner is an LG...are you recommending them for longevity? in this case what exact model/manufacturer would you recommend me to replace mine with. i want to have a burner outlast a 50 pack of dvd-dls (which literally has not happened since my pioneer a04 died after 3 good years of service). i also would prefer a sata because this ide cable is the only wire visible in my case and it bugs me
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