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Originally Posted by t0m View Post
ok so my curse continues with dvd writers. i replaced my sata burner that was giving me trouble (the thread for that is a few posts down) and have since been through 2 or 3 more dvd writers. my most recent one (gsa h22l) seems to be on its way out but its not just dying like the rest of them have. this just started yesterday...any time i am using my dvd drive, the rest of my pc chokes up/starts hitching and skipping. my mouse pointer looks like its going at about 3 frames per second, my winamp starts skipping etc. it happens when i am copying a file off the drive, watching a movie from the disc or burning a disc (though the burned disc seems to work fine). burning also now takes way longer than normal (normal being a few days ago when it would finish a disc in ~30 mins. now it takes upwards of 120 mins with the same discs/settings).

up until recently i have never had a problem with a burner, aside from the occasional coaster. about 7 years ago i got a 8x plextor cd burner for $350, and it still ing the last year i have been through about $200 worth of these crap $30 burners and its driving me nuts.

anyone know what is causing this skipping/extended burning?

can anyone recommend a dl capable burner that will last more than ~50 burns?

is it possible that someone has placed a gypsy curse on me? if so, anyone know how to get rid of a gypsy curse? im more of a tech guy and my knowledge of curses and black magic is pretty limited....
Are you using overburn? I have it set to overburn, but only 82min. for an 80min. disk. I doubt that's the problem though. GL

Duh...i'm thinking of CD's.
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