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Stupid question but...
Are you sure its the burner and not the media.
What media are you using?
Is it made in Japan? If not its less than optimal. Made In Inida usually = Mosser Bauer. MIJ is MCC or TY. MITaiwan is Optodisc or Ritek or other crap mfg'ers.
Is it +R or - R. Dif drive mfg'ers prefer one over the other.
IMHO the best media for single layer (which doesn't cost a fortune) is TY (Taiyo Yueden). Blank Media has 'em in spindles of a hundred for under 50 bucks. Verbatium USED to be MCC (Mitsbushi Chem Corp) but now is made in Ritek plants and has gone down hill in quality BUT it still the best for Dual Layer. INHO DL is not worth the extra money or hassle. YMMV :)

IF it is the burner, Samsung or Pioneer (+R company vs -R company) are about the best burn quality wise right now, though the latest Sammys are NOT as good as the older gens. LG is a good all round burner which I put in builds where longevity is more important than burn quality. Liteons are hit or miss.

In any case download and use Nero's CdSpeed2000 disc quality scanner and see what your results are. PI's should avg under 1 for REALLY good burns, 0 PIOs are perferable but as long as not spikes or clusters and total is under 20 its a good burn. NO PIFs. The jitter should be as close to flat line as possible. These are extremely conservative numbers as I prefer .05 or less PI avgs, 0 PIOs and 0 PIFS. But I'm a control freak.
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