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Originally Posted by WolfBane View Post
Ok so i read your post:)
very informative ! If i understood it lol speed step powers down my chip when nnot needed ???
But is this a really good thing?
Should i disable speedstep or leave it alone?
and if i do disable it , How do i disable it ?
I suggest you re-read the post again, I answer the "should you disable it or leave it on" in the "leave it on or off" section . But yes your correct, all SpeedStep does is power down your chip when its not needed/not in use. Once you re-read the part about leaving it on or off, and if you decide to turn it off, there are 2 ways to disable SpeedStep. The easiest way is through software.

Seeing that your using Vista, here is how you do it; Post above updated, read above post for how to "disable" speedstep in Vista.

I'll work on and finish the "How to disable" sections later today. I really should get around to finishing this thread.

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