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Default ghost in comp

hi all, having a problem with my dads gaming computer i built for him a few years ago, i had hes comp overclock almost since he got it running good, as of late he ask me to put everything at factory settings so i did, then we baught gta 4, it was running to so for him so he ask me to bump the system back up, doing so i did, but what do u know a get the famous bsod, he system never used to do this before i know hes computer inside and out, my usual settings are fsb258x12 vcore 1.578v offset 100mv httx4 ram divider /6 pc6400 2T 1032mhz 2.35v, when hes system was fine i ran prime for 6 hours fully stable no errors, now i cant even go past 210fsb, is hes cpu dieing
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