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Originally Posted by Shftup View Post
Looks good thus far - Luv the all the pics - every step....

also, i read up on the ps3mediaserver - seems very interesting. so if i understand correctly - this goes on the server -> point the PS3 to that volume, and boom - the server transcodes any format to the PS3?

I was also looking at WHS - for a home storage, web server, blah blah - essentially something that is easy to manage without a telnet session or be friendly like WHS, unraid or something like that. I only need redundancy for 100GB (like pics, docs, etc...not movies)

I plan to do some upgrading in the couple of month and need to build myselft a new mATX rig, a SFF Mini ITX HTPC, and ATX server/Nas.
Actually it's even simplier than that. If your ps3 is turned on. It will automatically connect to it. Just setup the share / folder for the media you want to share and your done. I believe the idea is that it will only transcode when necesarry so if you have media properly formatted for the ps3 it won't transcode but just pass it through. I have tried it with video ts folders, mkv's and avi's. they all worked fine.
and now for something completely different

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