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Default Update - 04/02/2009

Well i am installing the OS as we speak :D. I am thinking of playing with the idea of installing a small SSD (64GB) for the os so i am not using the array for software just pure storage. This would also allow me to mroe thoroughly benchmark the card.

Well where to begin. I think what i will do instead of explaining each picture i will get the boring text out of the way first and post the pictures afterwards.

let's see where to begin. well the case is a bit small. I definitely wouldn't want to cram more in there then i alread have managed. (ok, maybe an SSD and a BBU but that's it.)

The hardware assembally was rather un eventful. Except for that extreme hateful clip mounting system intel has come up with. I swear if i ever meet the bozo that thought this one up i am doing to hospitalize. Personally think all of those god forsaken clip system should be shot and only back plates with screws should be used. It took me 20 minutes to put the damn thing on. Anyway enough of my side rant.

Every else went in ok. I hid the cables as much as possible. Oh and this thing is EXTREMELY quiet. I mean if i am sitting 2ft away i can't hear it. I love it.

As far as the mobo seeing the raid card. that work flawlessly out of the box. And as soon as i configured an array my bios saw it right away as a bootable volume.

i am still waiting for windows to finish installing so my inital benchies will have to wait until later tonight.

Anyway here are some more of those long sought after piccies. And in case your wondering i locked my cat away so there are no piccies of her getting in the way

I'll post my results from HDTACH and IOMETER. but they will only be read speeds.
and now for something completely different

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