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My System Specs


I agree with you b1lk1 I think where people run into to a problem is where they use a 550, 600, or 700watt psu that is 2-3 years old and are under the impression its capable of powering modern day hardware. What older PSU's lack is the proper connections required, more powerful 12v rails and the use of splitters. I know from experience that my Antec NEO 550(minimum requirement for the GTX280) was not enough because I had to use 3 PCI-E cables just to supply power to my GTX280, long story short it didn't work and likely killed the PSU in the process. What does help some older PSU owners is nVidia finally moving to the 55nm fab process and now the GTX260 and GTX285 don't require the 8 pin PCI-E connectors.

I might of gone a little overboard with Antec TPQ 850w, but it does the job and provides me with a little future proofing. Besides it was $45 dollars cheaper when I bought it to what it retails for now.


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