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Originally Posted by Phobia View Post
doesn't your ps3 just get the files from the folder?
Actually the ps3 can't directly access say a windows share. you still need to server the content up with a upnp/dlna type media streamer such as media player 11, tversity, etc. How ever media player 11 doesn't support transcoding or mkv files, and tvversity has alot of overhead. As a result i am using ps3mediaserver. it's extremely light weight, opensource :), multiplatform (windows, linux, osx) and works extremely well.

Originally Posted by Shftup View Post
I think this is a good thread for many - as storage is getting cheaper and HTPC needs are on the rise.

Can you also post what software you will using:

- O/S
- Transcoding software for PS3 (I assume mkv's?)
- etc....

OS - This really depends on your hardware. If i were using the onboard raid controllers then i would only use linux/windows if doing a raid 0, 1, jbod. If you were using a hardware raid card such as 3ware, areca, lsi logic, etc. Then i would go with either windows server or linux / bsd.

For this project, and for simplicty sake (and because i'm cheap) i am using a 64bit version of vista ultimate i got through work. Linux would work just as well with my 3ware card does work in linux / bsd it can be a pain to see and sometimes requires a kernel rebuild.

Transcoding Software - i am using a package called ps3mediaserver (PS3 Media Server)

It works extremely well, i have almost no configuration (except the media directories) i have tested it with raw dvd rips, mkv's, avi's etc. It works excellent. I have also set it to just pass the multichannel audio directly to my ps3 which then passes it to my AVR. I haven't noticed any hiccups or anything.

If anyone is interested in this type of project my best advice is invest in a hardware raid card. This comes from someone who has created a nas before based on onboard raid. And while it works if a drive fails it is likely your data will be fubared. With hardware raid. Even if the raid card dies. Aslong as you replace it with the same raid card with the same firmware it should be relatively painless. Not to mention the performance gains.

Also if you wan't future proofing invesnt in a SAS/SATA raid card instead of a SATA Raid card (eg: 3ware 9690SA vs 9650SE). The reason is that with a SAS expander in theory you can connect up to 128HDD to a raid card. Now that's ALOT of space.

Another side note i should mention is that while Samsung drives don't have the greatest track record the F1 RAID editions are probably the best option as those drives are rated for 24/7 operation and come with a 7 year warranty. Having said that later in the year seagate has annouced the next generation of their HDD including a 2.0TB model whith in addition to SATA2 speeds is also SAS 2.0 compliant :D

Anyway i should get back to work. I will post more stuff later tonight (probably aroun 1am ish.
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